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Original 3D-flight shooter. Auto-camera mode enables to tail enemy planes!
  • Release: Aug/05/2005
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Aug/11/2008   By Person Patersun

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Well this is a pretty cool Jet Shooter. It isn't any Ace combat, but it is good for what it is. Basically you start off in one plane and you play through around 6 levels trying not to get shot down while taking out your main target or the boss of the level. As you play through the game you can earn better armaments. Then it is your choice what to use for each level to take out the boss. Usually though it is best to use what you earn. The Graphics are pretty good. You don't need to have a beefy machine to play the game so it isn't like you are playing a game with ps3/xbox360 graphics. The game is all in Japanese, but it isn't hard to figure out. The controls are simple, but you can't change them. You just have to learn them and deal with it. The game looks like the you are attacking the US. If you have a problem with that then this might not be for you, but if you are looking for something simple with a decent challenge and don't care who your "enemy" is then you might want to pick this one up.

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