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Hatoful Boyfriend -Hatoful complete edition-
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The full version of the world's greatest pigeon dating visual novel, in English.
  • Release: Feb/15/2012
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Pickup!I'm in love with pigeons!

May/29/2012   By TatersReviewer Rank: Top 50

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It took me a long time to decide how I wanted to write this review. The largest problem is explaining how you can actually end up having feelings for pigeons, as you would a human. I don't just mean love either, I mean rage and fear as well. The key I believe is in the writing.

Imagine how people must have felt when Walt Disney first animated a mouse and showed it to a theatre full of people. They would have been amazed and confused that a drawing could move like that. Also, for those who had seen it, explaining that they had seen a drawing of a mouse walk like a man, would likely bring chuckles from those who had not seen the animation. Slowly though, as more and more people saw the animation and became excited to see more of the moving mouse, people began to rethink what the theatre experience could be.

While I don't want anyone to think I am expecting Hatoful Boyfriend to evolve into a huge dating game conglomerate in 50 years or so, I do believe that the author, Moa, has done something unexpectedly new. Initially an April Fool's joke, the idea of using pigeon photos as the love interests was laughable. What happened after that was what makes this game amazing. Most people depend on seeing a face with human-like features to determine emotions, but without any of those kinds of visual cues the player is forced to imagine those facial expressions. Much like when reading a novel, you are transported to another world in your imagination; Hatoful Boyfriend just takes it to the next level. The art doesn't dictate what the character is feeling, but the art still adds to the experience, filling in the blanks visually, for things that might be difficult for people to imagine (like what a partridge looks like, especially if you've never seen one). The emotional aspect of the characters remains up to the readers imagination, creating, in this reviewer's opinion, a richer experience.

Hatoful Boyfriend is a well-written game, which I can't suggest enough.

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Pickup!One of the best games ever made. No, really.

Apr/27/2012   By Kjorteo

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First off, a warning: the G rating given by DLSite is a filthy lie. It's true that nothing is ever actually visually depicted (it just relies on text and well-timed fading to red,) but that's kind of like saying Thomas Harris novels should be rated G because nothing is ever actually visually depicted. If you possess the ability to read and any imagination whatsoever, any scene with Doctor Iwamine in it alone pushes the game into a fairly solid R.

However, that aside, this game is a lot, and I mean *a lot* better than it has any right to be. It starts off as an otome-style dating sim/visual novel with cutout photographs of birds, primarily pigeons. It sounds like the most bizarre thing ever, and for the first couple of playthroughs, it is. You'll laugh at the madness, the implausible scenarios (just how do pigeons use those desks from the classroom background, anyway?) and the goofy dialogue, as if the whole thing were some sort of twisted parody.

But then ... something happens, and you acclimate yourself to the weird world of pigeon dating, and all the sudden the cast reveals itself as the well-developed, sympathetic, and strong characters they all actually secretly are. Certain endings start to break your heart instead of your brain, and if you get all the standard endings, it unlocks a final route with a sudden turn into a dark, deeply emotional horror/mystery that completely defies description.

In short, you laugh at the very premise of this game, and you are right to do so. However, it is secretly one of the greatest visual novels, if not one of the greatest games ever made. I'm serious. So is the game, eventually.

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Pickup!Not just a pigeon dating sim

Mar/12/2012   By Ashurei

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Yes, there are pigeons. Yes, you are dating pigeons. Yes, you actually want to date pigeons.

But under that girly, heartful exterior lies a plot so deep that it will absolutely blow your mind and change how you view birds forever. Especially fat ones. With a story that can only be fully revealed after multiple plays, this game offers hours of entertainment and emotional rollercoasters. You will laugh, cry, soil your pants, and once it is over, all you'll be capable of saying is, "THIS. GAME."

The only criticism I have is the presence of the occasional spelling mistake. However, most will not find this distracting, especially when faced with such colourful characters and fantastic storywriting. Kudos to Nazerine for bringing this game to the English-speaking masses, and of course, Moa for creating this magic in the first place.

Buy this game. Show your support for BL (Birds Love). It is worth every cent!

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Pickup!Unironically the best Visual Novel I've read

Mar/06/2012   By Krystal

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Firstly, like everyone else, I'm going to admit that the premise of this game is absolutely hilarious and ridiculous.

And that is how I approached this game, and that is probably also the best mindset to have when you first tackle this game - not seriously.
I knew I would love this game as soon as I finished the introduction. I had never laughed so much and had so much genuine fun playing a Visual Novel. The witty, satirical statements about typical otome games were spot on, and made such clever commentary about the genre that I just had to play on.

But as I powered through the game, the humorous situations somehow began to string themselves together into a coherent, detailed and emotional story. It was amazing, but somehow, these well written birds were more human than most other human characters people have written. By the end of the Bad Boys Love route, I promise you that everything in Hatoful will come together in a dramatic and emotional whole.

But don't take my word for it, there is a free demo you can play to see this all for yourself. If you wish to know the finer points of the story after you're done, then the full version will definitely not disappoint you.

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Incredibly interesting

Mar/02/2012   By SGA

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The premise of this game may sound ridiculous, but it really is better than it sounds. All of the routes you can follow through the game are incredibly interesting, and some of them are real tearjerkers.
The BBL route is ***spoilers***, full of twists and it's possible to get an ending that is ***spoilers***.
All in all, it's a fantastic game and you'll soon forget that the characters you interact with are all birds.

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Cool game.....

Feb/27/2012   By zippyPinhead

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Ya gotta love a game that features Yaoi, Adventure and Pigeons. No really - you gotta. I enjoyed the opening credits as much as the closing, and felt that it was really indicative of the genre in every way. Very appreciative of providing the English version, for those of us in the US.

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Feb/22/2012   By Ruby C.

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Hours and Hours of fun. Twists and turns. At first I thought it would be very girly and happy but NO! I HIGHLY recommend this Visual Novel!! VERY entertaining! All the characters are lovable for different reasons! There is meaning behind them all being don't let that stop you from playing. I laughed, cried, was shocked and mesmerized! The music in the game is also very addictive. Lots of replay value!

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Pickup!A hilarious dating-sim with an original theme

Feb/22/2012   Reviewer Rank: Top 50

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Before playing this game I thought that the idea of having pigeons as characters in a visual novel... wouldn't be all that memorable nor interesting. Boy, was I wrong. This must be one of my favorite VNs to date. (Pun not intended.) The dialogue is hilarious, the characters are indeed memorable, and oh gosh... finally, an otome game in english. This is a treat! The characters have all their own traits, play different roles in the story and it's your goal (if you choose to) to build relationships with them. I don't want to spoil the plot here, so if you have some spare money, love original VNs, this is for you. An amazing experience is to be had.

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Pickup!Coo! (Play it!)

Feb/22/2012   By wivi

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If you want a different kind of visual novel experience, then look no further. With plenty of replay value, a memorable cast, and quirky humor, Hatoful Boyfriend is an experience you won't forget anytime soon.

The game simultaneously manages to present an intense and surprisingly well-written dark tale in its 'true' storyline, which only gets better as you play through the game several times and manage to put together everything you've learned in the individual paths.

In true dating game spirit, additional options and story branches become available as you play the same routes again (and trust me, you will), giving you access to even more endings!

These pigeons will burrow their way into your heart, and they will stay there.

A definitive must-play for all otome game enthusiasts.

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Pickup!Beautiful Game!

Feb/22/2012   By StrangersWayReviewer Rank: Top 50

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"Hatoful Boyfriend" is a story about a human girl attending to a prestige school called, St. Pigeonations. Everyone who attends this school (with the exception of the main character) are all of different species of birds with their own minds. Although the characters to chase after are birds, each create a unique tale of its own--including with some humor and puns along the way.

Let's all start off with the art: The rendered of birds sprites are not something to be amused of other than giving the simple presence of the character/ features, but the CG's & 'human' representation of each character are beautifully drawn out by the creator. Each CG serves a purpose in the game, making it enjoyable while setting the emotion needed in the game. Multiple playthroughs are required in order to unlock everything--including the Archive section, giving further details within the plot.

As for the story line, it comes out silly at first to create a game based on 'dating' pigeons--but think again. There is a deeper meaning behind the humor as there are some events that may pose questions for the player: Why Pigeons? Why a human? Everything will be answered from another route. As a matter of fact, this game will put you into a whole new roller coaster ride; prepping up your feelings from happiness into a heart broken state. The humor is fantastic and it somehow sets the right mood for the player, making the gameplay much more enjoyable.

Then, there's the music. I love how it naturally flows the story line and the characters' personalities. It is a way to depict their presence along the smooth transition from one main plot to another. It is truly perfect, leaving me no words how to describe it further.

In conclusion, "Hatoful Boyfriend" is one of the best otome games I played so far. If you enjoy humor, fictional science and having to go through a serious plot, I'd highly recommend for you to play this. It is definitely worth of your money and time!

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