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Release Aug/02/2018
Series Tanned Elf Gal Sisters x3
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 / Live2D(.moc)
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[About This Model]

A Live2D model that supports Facerig.
This model is a bust shot and not suitable to overly fast movement.
Nicely portrayed when shooting no lower than her cleavage.
In this work, press the Q button for a "smiling and daba-daba" motion.
Other motions are planned to be added separately.

[How To Use]

"FaceRig" and "FaceRig Live2D Module" must be downloaded in addition to this product.
Extract the downloaded file and place it in the "FaceRig" folder.

** Workflow **
1. Extract the downloaded file

2. Put the folder named [gyaru_imo] in the following location:
[C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/FaceRig/Mod/VP/PC_CustomData/Objects]

3. Launch Facerig to confirm.

** About Motions
The motion involving the Q button requires changing the settings on Facerig.

** How to Set Up Facerig
Click "Change to Advanced UI"

Click "Avatar" at the top of the green bar that appears on the right.

Select "Movements" and enable
"Enable custom movements" near the bottom.

This will enable the daba-daba movement!

* Please check the image

[Regarding Use of This Product in Virtual Youtuber Videos]

In case that you use this product in your video creation, please mention the following:

[Model Provided by Takkei]
[twitter: @keisuke_taka74]

No special crediting is required for personal use!
This can be modified but re-distribution is strictly prohibited.

[In Regards to Commercial Use]

This work is approved for commercial use.
For commercial use, crediting is not required.

Can also be used for pose art for movies. Please feel free to play around with it.

[For Personal Use]
We would be grateful if this work can be used in skype or discord, not just for Vtuber activities.
You do not need to credit my name for personal use.


Redistribution and resale are strictly prohibited.

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