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Release Jan/09/2018
Last Modified Oct/24/2018 
Series Pose Art Materials
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 / PSD
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A bargain bundle containing materials at 216 yen a piece!

Tachie (pose art) you can use freely in your games, movies, websites, etc.

* This is a bundle containing 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 and 5-1 of Pose Art Materials School Uniform.
For details, please refer to the individual product pages below.

Pose Art Materials School Uniform 1-1

Pose Art Materials School Uniform 2-1

Pose Art Materials School Uniform 3-1

Pose Art Materials School Uniform 4-1

Pose Art Materials School Uniform 5-1

* Does not require reporting to / crediting the copyright holder.
* Can be edited and used for commercial / non commercial / adult / all ages.

- 600x1800px full body images
- 600x1300px full body images
* Please refer to the following link for how to use (Japanese language):

PSD (Photoshop) format for easy editing of layers

* Materials can be used freely with the exception
of redistribution / selling of the materials as they are.
* All contents included in this product are created in Japanese language.


This product contains the following titles:
"Pose Art Materials School Uniform 1-1 (RE185351)"
"Pose Art Materials School Uniform 2-1 (RE193602)"
"Pose Art Materials School Uniform 3-1 (RE194838)"
"Pose Art Materials School Uniform 4-1 (RE212840)"
"Pose Art Materials School Uniform 5-1 (RE213359)".

Upgrade Information

  • Oct/24/2018
    Correction: bugs/defects

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1 user reviews

Epic pose art bundle!

Feb/13/2018  By LaeliaTop : 1 Reviewer

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I wholeheartedly agree with the bundle description that it's a bargain. There's a lot of content here to sink your teeth into :3

There are images available for immediate use of all the character's in different outfits with different hairstyles so that's handy for anyone who just wants to jump straight in. For those who prefer to customise the characters, there are even multiple options to do this, as there are PSD files which you can edit; or this is an included clothes changing tool which is easy to use :3

The most unique feature that I haven't seen in a pose art set before if the ability to choose whether or not you want the hairstyles to cover the eyes, it's really cool!

I would recommend this set :3

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