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Release Nov/23/2017
Last Modified Nov/24/2017 
Series Material Collection
Age Ratings
Work Format
File Format
PNG / psd


Are not you troubled by the lack of expression pattern of illustrations?
You can enrich your character expression simply by displaying this asset on the character!

It also compatible with 1920x1080 large screen.
70 icons in total(45 unique icons + 25 variations)

And a character illustration which can be used immediately comes with it.

*Please read "*Notes on psd files." before purchase.

*File formats
Background: transparent

* Screen resolution
1920x1080, 1280x720, 800x600

*Notes on psd files
psd files were exported from Paint Tool SAI.
https://www.systemax.jp/ja/sai/ Due to the difference of specification of each software, these may not open properly in other software .
Please note that if you use other software are not supported.

* About try free demo
All sample icon images are provided in the try free demo.

* Terms of use / FAQ
1. All ownership and copyright of the "Emotion icons for characters" remains the property of Ruruga.

2. Can I repost these resources?

3. Are these resources allowed in commercial games?

4. Can I edit these resources?

5. Can I distribute these edited resources?

6.Is credit required? How do I credit?

Operational Requirements

Work Number
File / Size
RE213187.zip / 146.92MB
Readme file is translated in English by the circle.

Upgrade Information

  • Nov/24/2017
    Correction: bugs/defects

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1 user reviews

Cute pose art :3

Feb/13/2018  By LaeliaTop : 1 Reviewer

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Keywords the reviewer selected :

This pose art is super adorable!

It comes ready to use in a few different resolutions as do the emoticons that you can add to this character or any character you like really.

On top of that, there are PSD files which allow you to edit the character so that's super useful if you want to make it look a little more unique.

Considering how cheap this pose art is I'd say it's a bargain :3 The quality of the art is great!

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