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During just walking around, you happened to drop in a silent shrine.
Accompanied by sounds of a flow and birds' song, you pray to hear
something from Ten, as always. However, seems like she is absent today...?

This work is a side story of "Foxy Shrine Maiden Ten's Ear Cleaning".
You will wait for Ten at the shrine together with Byaku, in slowly passing peaceful mood.

[Track List]
01. Today, Byaku welcomes you [8:43]
02. Wiping off face sweat [6:22]
03. Hair wash [13:33]
04. Scalp massage using carbonated water [12:25]
05. Oil massage [16:00]
06. Nail cutting [7:18]
07. Ear massage with bubble [15:32]
08. ...You seem so attached to Byaku. [6:06]
09. I'll pay you back with ear cleaning (Ten's ear cleaning)[27:34]
10. Still long way to go (Sleeping together with Ten) [10:33]
11. Ear cleaning by Byaku [19:23]
12. Sleeping together with Byaku [7:44]
Total playback: Approx. 2 hours 30 seconds

Binaural Audio Product. Headphones / earphones recommended.

Voice Acting:
Renge Toudou ( http://renge.michikusa.jp/ )
Sakura Kohinata ( http://flower2garden.web.fc2.com/ )

Other (Script, Illustration, Acoustics): Tomimi
* Some free materials have been used in the illustrations back ground.

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1 user reviews

Pick Up !solid relaxation with a surprise in the middle

Oct/18/2017  By MithalduTop 50 Reviewer

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This is the usual solid Tomimi Retreat work.

A full soundscape of slightly understated sounds of ambience and direct ASMR. Waterfall, birds, night insects, ear cleaning, towel brushing, bubble frizzing and tapping/soft hit sounds.

And as usual, this is accompanied by an almost non-stop voice performance, with calm and quiet talk, breathing sounds, close up whispering. With Byaku's older, less excited voice, this is a bit more relaxing than the usual works.

Possible spoiler:

Notable though is that in track 8 Ten shows up and gets upset, quiet loud and a little abusive towards Byaku. If you're intending to listen to this for relaxation it's a good idea to cut that track out.

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