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Release Jul/30/2017
Series SleePavilion Mitsune
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A sleeping together sound fetishism situation voice drama.
The theme of this work is "Water".

Total playback: 143 minutes 39 seconds

- the sound of flowing river
- rain sound
- listening to recitation underwater
- bubbles and sleep breathing

(Partially) Binaural Audio Product. Headphones / earphones recommended.

Mikage's CV: Akoruda

Production: HELLCircus HoneKaruta

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1 user reviews

~Drip, Drop~

Nov/02/2017  By JodoTop 50 Reviewer

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Keywords the reviewer selected :

The SleePavillion series is dedicated to bringing you long hours of comfortable sleep to all good bois and goils who can't settle in for bed. If you're a constant tosser and turner like me, you understand that oftentimes too much silence in a room can actually discourage sleep. Some of us prefer the occasional background noise for comfort after all.

I had listened to Enka's flame-themed asmr voice tracks (also from the same series) earlier and now we're moving on to Mikage's water-themed room. The approach is quite similar, you are the troubled sleeper seeking help and are welcomed to a room where the sounds of water and Mikage, your attendant, welcomes you. Unlike Enka's room, which was warm, Mikage's room is soothing and refreshing, creating a perfect balance for summer or winter as you might prefer, should you buy both products.

There is little to no talking in-between the first three tracks except for the recitation in the third track. Thus, allowing listeners to focus on the babble of the flowing river, the pelting rain, and deep reverberations of bubbles in a vast cave. The fourth and last track is a two hour long sleep breathing track and includes the sounds of occasional bubbles as Mikage sleeps next to you.

It's a very simple product but it does its job well. I've grown rather drowsy re-listening to it as I'm writing this review so the asmr aspect is definitely working its magic. If you should decide to buy it, I wish all of you sweet dreams~

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