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Release Jun/10/2017
Last Modified Oct/02/2017 
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"Nostalgia... It's mysterious, isn't it?"

A rural town in the Kanagawa prefecture, "Kamodayama".
Aika Hatase is a school girl, living in this city. Her daily routine
is to visit "Kikyou shrine"... a bit of a strange hobby.
At the beginning of her summer vacation, she meets Kou Tachibana.
Under the beautiful blue sky and surrounded by the fresh smell of nature
Kou introduces herself as the shrine maiden of Kikyou shrine...
Receiving a mysterious diary Kou, something strange happens to Aika's eyes...

People, Spirits, and the Gods...
The memories of those who live in this village
weave a sad, heart-rending... and somewhat nostalgic tale.

*Production: Natsukashi Project

*Cover Illustration: Koyomi

Ai Hayakawa (as Aika Hatase, Mei Hatase, Friend of Aika 1)
Yuki Kudou (as Kou Tachibana, Female teacher, Friend of Aika 2, Diary's voice)
Kashito Masegi (as Kurouri, Teacher Ashigara, Gods)

*Theme Song "Natsuzora Fragment"
Vocal: Ai Hayakawa
Composition: harukichi

*Editing / BGM: Kanpiro / harukichi

Muryou Koukanon De Asobou!
Pocket Sound
Maou Damashii

*Scenario / Planning: Hitoto

Contact: natsukashipj@gmail.com

Upgrade Information

  • Oct/02/2017
    Addition of contents

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