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Release Jun/11/2017
Series Instrumental Audio Materials
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MP3 / WAV / OGG included
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A Compilation of Royalty Free Instrumental & Vocal Music Materials

1.33 GB in total (Compressed)

wav: 44.1KHz, 16bit, stereo
mp3: 320Kbps, stereo
ogg: 500Kbps, stereo

1. TAIATARI Romance feat. GUMI
2. Houkai no hate no ishi feat. GUMI
3. DAI*TAN SENSATION - English demo vocal edition
4. Hoshizora Touhikou demo vocal edition
5. DREAMING COLOR demo vocal edition
6. Bouhaku no refrain demo vocal edition

[Instrumental (NES)]
1. Pride - Famicon inst ver.
2. sweet hurt kismet - Famicon inst ver.
3. Rainy day - Famicon inst ver.
4. 1,2 no 3,4 - Famicon inst ver.
5. Saikai no Yakusoku - Famicon inst ver.
6. TAIATARI Romance - Famicon inst ver.
7. Fighter - Famicon inst ver.

1. undercover missions
2. 1,2 no 3,4- strings inst ver.
3. Namae wo irete kudasai (1,2 no 3,4 - Funk inst ver.)
4. a wandering minstrel - Harp inst ver.
5. 1,2 no 3,4 - piano inst ver.
6. Kuroneko no shippo (Hakkou no hiroimono ni nukumori wo - pizzicato inst ver.)
7. 1,2 no 3,4 - Piano ballad inst ver.

Including music materials freely distributed in our website.


This product contains contents from:
"[Royalty Free Song Materials] TAIATARI Romance feat. GUMI (RE195596)"
"[Royalty FREE Anime/Game Song] Houkai no hate no ishi feat. GUMI [wav,mp3,ogg] (RE195771)"
" [Royalty FREE Anime/Game Song] DAITAN SENSATION - English demo vocal edition[wav,mp3,ogg] (RE195997)"
"[Royalty Free Song Materials] Hoshizora Touhikou demo vocal edition [wav,mp3,ogg] (RE196349)"
"[Royalty FREE NES Music] Pride inst ver. [wav,mp3,ogg] (RE197466)"
"[Royalty FREE NES Music] sweet hurt kismet inst ver. [wav,mp3,ogg] (RE197837)"
"[ Royalty FREE NES Music ] Rainy day NES inst version [wav, mp3, ogg] (RE198129)"
"[Royalty FREE NES Music] 1, 2 no 3, 4 NES inst ver. [wav, mp3, ogg] (RE198219)"
"[Royalty FREE Japanese Anime/Game song] DREAMING COLOR demo vocal edition [wav,mp3,ogg] (RE197838)"
"[Royalty FREE NES Music] Saikai no Yakusoku NES inst ver. [wav,mp3,ogg] (RE198402)"
"[Royalty FREE Loop music] 1,2 no 3,4 - strings inst ver. [wav,mp3,ogg] (RE198360)"
"[Royalty FREE NES Music]TAIATARI Romance [wav,mp3,ogg] (RE198765)"
"[Royalty FREE Loop Music] Namae wo irete kudasai [wav, mp3, ogg] (RE198764)"
"[Royalty FREE Loop music] 1,2 no 3,4 - piano inst ver. [wav,mp3,ogg] (RE199027)"
"[Royalty FREE Loops Music] a wandering minstrel - Harp instrumental version [wav,mp3,ogg] (RE199026)"
"[Royalty FREE Loops Music] Kuroneko no shippo [wav,mp3,ogg] (RE200441)"
"[Royalty FREE NES Music] Fighter - Famicon inst ver. [wav,mp3,ogg] (RE200533)"
"[Royalty FREE Japanese Anime/Game Song] Bouhaku no refrain demo vocal Ed. [wav,mp3,ogg] (RE198040)".

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1 user reviews

Nice songs, though half are variations

Jul/13/2017  By Barrey

0 user(s) found this review helpful.

I am happy having gotten this product, and the songs are of good quality. Still have to find a place to use any of them, just a matter of time.

Really, all I have to say about this one is to mention that while it boasts of 20 music assets, they aren't all "completely unique" music tracks, with a good amount being very different variations of the base tracks.

It IS a good value pack as the different songs and variations included can be found separately and would amount to more than double the cost of this pack.

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