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Release Feb/27/2017
Last Modified Mar/30/2018 
Series Dark Fantasy BGM Materials
Age Ratings
Work Format
 / Royalty Free BGM
File Format
 / MP3 and OGG included
File Size


Includes the song(s):

Liberator Of Oath STL Mix WL
Invasion To The Holy Precincts WL
Knights Oath WL

Fantasy oriented orchestral background music. / Royalty free, approved for commercial use
Each version in WAV (44.1kHz 16it) and MP3 (44.1kHz 320kbps) and OGG formats

Conditions and Terms of use:
- You can use it for doujin game with age restriction (18 ban), adult system, etc.
- These audio files can be used royalty free. This permission is given to purchasers.
- Only the person who purchased this item can use the content (for both commercial / non commercial purposes.) There is no time limit on this right. Nor any additional fees to maintain it.
- The purchaser agrees not to copy, redistribute, sell, imitate, distribute, sublease or transfer this item, in any way, to others.
- In the event of any failure or damage due to using these audio files, the author does not assume any responsibility. Please use at your own risk.
- Notation or crediting when using this item is not required.

* Version upgrade included a chorus-less version.

Upgrade Information

  • Mar/30/2018
    Addition of contents
  • Mar/06/2018
    Correction: typos
  • Oct/06/2017
    Addition of contents

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