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Release Jan/11/2017
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 / Deep Sea Suspence ADV
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EventComic Market 88
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Dei Gratia in the fifth day ("Dei Gratia no Rashinban")

"By what means could those girls have escaped the depths of the sea alive.
Perhaps, had they made other choices, the result may have been different?"

August 1st 2033
A deep sea cruise submarine sinks to the
murky ocean floor 700m below the surface

50 lives were lost in an instant.
The remaining passengers, left to figure out the path to their survival.

But, at the depths of the ocean, there
existed a threat they had never imagined.

An eternal replay of records and memories...
Can the fragment of "two survivors", save them in the end?

"Who lives, who dies, you are the one that decides."

This is a novel game with no correct answer.

Operational Requirements

1GB+ remaining space

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