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Circle  :  C_O (B_SIDE)
Website :  http://cocomposer.blog.fc2.com/
Release :  Nov/17/2016
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[Royalty Free BGM] Can be used for any purpose!
Cute & Catchy Chiptune 3x songs

1. Walking Field (1:42)
Fresh, energetic, walking, trekking, rivers, mountains, cities, towns, villages.

2. Rainy Road (2:41)
Sorrowful, rain, umbrella, cave, holy place, dungeon, clouds

3. Blue Sky (2:09)
Blue skies, birds, (hot air) balloons, up high in the air, airship

Original chip tunes with a salient PSG / FM sound origin.
No intro / outro so the tracks can be looped naturally.

Game, RPG, N*ntendo, MSX, 8bit, Chip, 1980's, 1990's, m*cro computer, G*meboy

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WAV + MP3 (320kbps) = 6 files in total

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RJ188296.zip / 74.95MB (78594776Byte)

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