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Release Nov/14/2016
Series Background CG Material Collection
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This is a set of 18 background materials+variations of small kingdom towns, ruins, markets, docks, etc.
License is free for doujin and commercial works.

You can use these materials for adventure games, comics, etc.

* Some materials are credited to the following groups:
http://www.s-digi.jp/princess-sugar/ (Princess Sugar)
http://nexton-net.jp/ (Nexton)

In JPEG format.
Resolutions: 1920x1440, 1920x1080, 800x600

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RJ188161.zip / 193.79MB (203203159Byte)

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2 user reviews

Pick Up !Third time's the charm?

Nov/30/2017  By DelilahTop : 8 Reviewer

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As with Fantasy sets 1 and 2 these backgrounds are excellent and will help flesh out the world of your game. There are multiple lighting options for each one, which helps give you the illusion of time passing. This is a huge bonus and really helped make my game more immersive. They pair well with the other two sets (obviously) and together they are all you need for a game set in a castle and the city around it. I definitely suggest purchasing all of them if you're like me and have zero art skills.

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Castle Interior / Exterior and Rural Areas

Jul/17/2017  By redpandagamesTop : 2 Reviewer

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This pack contains renders of morning, sunset, and night at standard and HD resolutions. The pack includes interior and exterior castle shots as well as rural areas and scenes typical of adventure games. I note that some scenes seem more modern than others:

1) a castle basement with trolley
2) a coliseum
3) a war room with blackboard (or cafeteria)
4) an outside ruins destroyed by an earthquake
5) a market
6) a castle alley
7) an outside castle road and watch / defense tower
8) interior castle ruins
9) a cave entrance
10) a weapon / item / armor shop
11) a Gothic worship shrine
12) a port with and without a large ship
13) a ship deck
14) a rural village with a well and a small guard entrance
15) some forest huts in the trees
16) a rural mountain village
17) a side of a mountain cliff with walking path
18) a Gothic throne room

Overall, this is a nice addition to Fantasy Backgrounds 1 and 2 by Minikle.

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