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A holiday invitation

"We get to spend time off together! I'm so excited to go to your house!
I've been looking forward to this, let's make it a wonderful day off!" - Hinata Azuchi

"P.S. Be sure you're home!"

* An afterstory episode to The Rest House series *

01. Please open (2:31)
02. So sweet that you waited (18:59)
03. Before time passes (7:14)
04. So much to see in the city (15:20)
05. Not too heavy? (12:47)
06. Can't hear in the bath (16:29)
07. Are you catching cold? (8:05)
08. Our private ear cleaning (39:25)
09. Now I'm sleepy too (13:33)
10. Morning joy (22:17)
11. Today at the Rest House (9:41)

Track total: about 2 hours 45 minutes

Binaural recording, headphones recommended

CV: Yui Asami http://butterfly.holy.jp/

Additional support: Tensui http://10th.kinugoshi.net/

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Totally Happy(2) Girl(2) Ear Cleaning(2)
Pick Up !A great part four.

Jan/27/2017  By BumBumTop : 6 Reviewer

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Absolutely (in my opinion) the best 'The Rest House' part so far. Yui Asami is fantastic as always, though Hinata is a bit more grown up this time... Which is great! A surprisingly varied set of tracks, the highlights for me being the massage and bathtime (nothing dirty!) Top it off with cooking sounds, and a really soothing sleeping sounds, at this price it's a no-brainer. Propably the best price/quality I've ever seen.

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Pick Up !Good Deal! Great Content!

Dec/09/2016  By HikiRinTop 50 Reviewer

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I usually don't like ASMRs because when I use them to sleep they are too loud to the point where the character voice is too low but the background sounds hurt. This one is perfect, especially the mimigaki track. Boy am I picky with my mimigaki. Most of what I have listened to in other mimigaki ASMRs are scratching wood on wood sounds which hurts my ears. This one's pretty soothing and the voice is very enjoyable. Not to mention it's only $3. That's a steal for near 3 hours of content. This is a good one to pick up. Heck, I suggest getting all the items under this group. All their stuff is pretty neat and affordable so supporting them means more stuff in the future!

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