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Release Oct/30/2016
Age Ratings
Work Format
File Format
 / WAV, APK included
File Size
MP3, WAV support / APK support (Android 4.4 recommended)


From M3 Autumn 2016

Welcome, ma'am, to the ear cleaning house.
Today please accept the services of Haruto-kun.

Binaural recorded voice, effects.
Tingly mimikaki pleasure + bonus tracks


01 Notice 28 sec
02 Irrashaimase (welcome) 54 sec
03 Ear cleaning (right) 25 min 55 sec
04 Ear cleaning (left) 26 min 25 sec
05 Soine (fall asleep together) 19 min 20 sec
06 Calm sleep breathing 24 min 58 sec

(Track 06 is designed for looping)

Length: ... 1 hour 38 min 01 sec

Bonus tracks
Soine (without sounds of bugs ver.)
Calm sleep breathing (left/right switch ver.)

MP3 44.1kHz/16bit/320kbps/Stereo
WAV 48kHz/24bit/Stereo

+ version for Android devices

CV: Shu Sagisawa http://sagisawashu.com/


Android app is available for download from DLsite PC page only.

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1 user reviews

Soft, fuzzy ear cleaning

Oct/18/2017  By sgTop 50 Reviewer

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I've listened to a lot of different ear cleanings, and each which their own variations. What you like may be different from what I like, so definitely check out the preview to hear the kind of ear cleaning. The tracklist is also accurate.

The cleaning in this case is a soft kind of "scratching" which is very comfortable and not rough. There are sprinkles of the voice actor's dialogue during the cleanings which break up the monotony. He speaks softly though so it's not disruptive but actually adds to the scene. He does speak a bit quickly, but it doesn't detract from the overall experience.

There is one track where he breathes in rhythm with the ear cleaning. I've never heard this done before and thought it was quite unique.

I enjoyed the work and would recommend if you're looking for a solid ear cleaning scenario or for sleeping.

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