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Circle  :  DCPC
Release :  Sep/20/2016
Series :  Patrecian * Generation!
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WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows8.1 / Windows10
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Event : Comic Market 90
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~ DCPC presents a space-opera comedy ~


In the relatively peaceful frontier of the galactic future,
a young girl named Patrecian Rosette shows advanced,
one might say genius, skills in simulated combat.



Patrecian Rosette / CV: Tango

and 11 others: Ryo Makina / Takumi Nukaga / Yui Yorikura /
T-182 / Madoka Mizushiro / Kina Fukusuke / Shinichi Ubakura /
Kanoko / Homura Mizuha / Kaede / Yuki Morisawa



Written by Masashi Akabane

Produced by Yashikino * Mizuho

Sound direction by Ike

Character design by Kazumi Okamoto

Editing by IAGS Planning

With support from Yumemi Acoustics Club

In collaboration with Sousaku Bungei Circle
and the Committee for Promoting Fantasy Culture
("Tetrapots" (TM) Project Licensing)

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RJ184931.zip / 59.06MB (61932114Byte)

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