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Sonic Revolution 10th Anniversary
The History of Sonic Revolution * Complete Albums 2000-2005

118 tracks

Album list:
SRRS-0001 amorphous
SRRS-0002 Entreaty
SRRS-0003 piece of dreams
SRRS-0004 Blazing Sphere
SRRS-0005 Perpetual Snow
SRRS-0006 Xi-Trancel
SRRS-0007 Cielo
SRRS-0008 Pathos
SRRA-0001 WhiteVision
SRRS-0009 Time-Machine
SRRS-E001 Mixin'1
SRRS-0010 Estrelia
SRRS-E002 Mixin'2
SRRS-0011 Verde
SRRA-0002 Reincarnation
SRRM-0001 Bright Wings
SRRM-0002 Beat Enigma
SRRM-0003 Kaleidoscope
SRRM-0004 Zephyrus
SRRM-0005 Aeolus
SRRM-0006 Cruel
SRLX-022 Spiral Gear
SRLX-023 Unific Falcula

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RJ182808.part03.rar / 700MB (734003200Byte)
RJ182808.part04.rar / 700MB (734003200Byte)
RJ182808.part05.rar / 700MB (734003200Byte)
RJ182808.part06.rar / 700MB (734003200Byte)
RJ182808.part07.rar / 700MB (734003200Byte)
RJ182808.part08.rar / 700MB (734003200Byte)
RJ182808.part09.rar / 700MB (734003200Byte)
RJ182808.part10.rar / 700MB (734003200Byte)
RJ182808.part11.rar / 700MB (734003200Byte)
RJ182808.part12.rar / 700MB (734003200Byte)
RJ182808.part13.rar / 397.32MB (416615313Byte)
This product contains content also found in the following:
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Estrelia - AIR RemixMiniAlbum the 2nd (RE016729)
Verde - AIR RemixMiniAlbum the 3rd - (RE016731)
amorphous (RE056382)
Blazing Sphere (RE056407)
Xi-Trancel (RE056836)
Cielo (RE058050)

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