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Circle  :  Neet Corp.
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Release :  Aug/22/2016
Series :  Puella Jojo * Homura Bizarrica
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Event : Comic Market 90
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Jojo's Bizarre Adv*nture x Puella M*gi Madoka M*gica crossover manga #6!

Finally, the Night of Walpurgis has come.
The witch, who is a symbol of powerlessness, makes anyone who faces her powerless as well.

No! We know!

Those who fight against the witch!
Those who believe in miracles and magic!
Those shining spirits connected to magical girls and stand users will never yield!

The curtain rises on the greatest battle in the history of Puella Jojo * Homura Bizarrica...
Is this it...? Is this the moment we can finally advance to tomorrow!?

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