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Release :  Jul/24/2016
Series :  Small Dream
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An audio story for the ASMR / soothing sound fetish listener.
Headphones recommended for more realistic sound.

* Story

You are a weary traveler who is resnting for a day.
In the woods away from the village, you find a quiet pond.

The pond is beautiful. A soft wind blows, the birds and trees are melodious,
the water is a serene and shimmering mirror of the calm sky.

"Will you dream with me?"

Her is where you met her.

* Tracklist

Track 01 The meeting 7:45
Track 02 Like a bubble 8:19
Track 03 Meaning of togetherness 6:20
Track 04 Ripples 3:07
Track 05 Proof of effort 9:48
Track 06 The dream and after 11:02
Track 07 After the rain 7:09
Track 08 A new dream 5:21

Total length 58:53 min/sec

CV: Popura Sawano http://poplartree.blog.fc2.com/

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RJ178705.zip / 132.89MB (139340770Byte)

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