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Circle  :  Joezgame
Release :  Jun/11/2016
Series :  ARCADIA
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One day, a blacksmith received a request from a lord.
It was the trigger that started the man on a long long journey.
I'll release a new sort of story once a month!

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I used free materials.

Usui no Kai
Kai Kai Koubou


Yoji Ojima

Thank you for watching this page.
by joe

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This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.
This product contains content also found in the following:
ARCADIA (RE178365)

This product is written in English.
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I'm Hooked!

Jul/11/2016  By Xerxes_piscea

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I've only just started playing this -- haven't even got past the beginning of the main plot -- and I'm already loving it. I've rarely had a chance to play 2D RPGs so this type of stuff is still pretty new for me. I'm getting a kick out of exploring the surroundings and talking to the people and animals wandering around -- I know they're not saying much, but I still find it fun -- and finding and picking up the random items left in boxes and chests or growing wild in the field.

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