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Release :  Jun/05/2016
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One day, a blacksmith received a request from a lord.
It was the trigger that started the man on a long long journey.

ARCADIA series Vol.1
"Blacksmith and Princess"

* Now available: the English translated version!

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ARCADIA english.ver (RE178458)
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1 user reviews

A promising introduction for a longer game

Jul/18/2016  By Arkady18

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This is a simple game made in Rpgmaker MV.
It's only the first chapter of a longer story. I took about 2 hours and 47 minutes to complete it. It's really short, but it's a good length for this price.
It's too early to say whether it has a good story or not, but it seems promising. The only con is the high frequency of the random encounters. Sometimes you get a battle only two or three steps after the last one! But it's generally not the case, fortunately.
There are five extra quests. The dialogs are nice and not silly, but sometimes, after you clear a quest, the NPC who asked you to do it will keep talking as if they still had to give you the quest...

There's a little glitch: at some point Aria leaves the party for a few minutes; if you go to the other villages/towns, you see her going around and you can talk to her like if she actually were in the party.
Moreover, this is the Japanese version, but for some reason there's some random English dialog here and there, but it was not a problem for me.

In the end, if you want a 2D RPG I can suggest you to try this one: it's short and cheap and there's an English version as well, if you can't read Japanese.

Now I'm waiting for the second part.

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