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Website :  http://www.rei-yumesaki.net/
Release :  Apr/14/2016
Series :  [Re:I] Voice Materials
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Doujin SoftwareVoice / Voice Materials
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Voice Materials

01 Arigatou
02 Arigatou gozaimasu
03 Arigatou gozaimashita
04 Otsukaresama deshita
05 Yoi, don!
06 Start!
07 You Win!
08 You Win (shorter)
09 Pin Pon!
10 Omedetou!
11 Save suru?
12 Icchau no?
13 Bye bye

There are WAV version, MP3 version (192kbps) and Ogg version (Q6).


Terms of Use (Simplified Version)

Copyright Notice : Required
Intended Use : Unlimited
Commercial Use : Allowed
Alteration : Unlimited
Redistribution : You have to get permission from me.
Use Report : Optional


Until I started to sell this materials collection series,
I let you purchase materials for commercial use from "Audiostock".

SE and voice materials registered with Audiostock is decided that copyright notice isn't required.
And the price is also decided by Audiostock.

Because I want to offer reduced price versions to customers who write copyright notice,
I prepared this materials collection series.

Therefore, the price per one material becomes 1-10% (90-99% off) of the price in Audiostock.
I call it "Copyright Notice Discount".


Rei Yumesaki

Main web site "Re:I"

Blog & Free materials site


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RJ174861.zip / 2.17MB (2277988Byte)

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