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Release :  Feb/24/2016
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Event : Comic Market 84
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A 3-track mini album feat. 3 professional Japanese vocalists

Miki Otani ... actress, voice actress
Performed the roles of Takeru Aizawa on Squid Girl, Hana Kurokawa on Hitman REBORN!, etc.
Mai Yoshida ... voice actress, singer
Performed vocals for featured songs of Nippon Ichi games like Prinny, Disgaea D2, etc.
Mizuho Yasuda ... singer
Performed vocals for a new scenario ending theme from Disgaea 4 Return, and other CMs and image songs

Promotional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdGtGCCXzLo

1 starry MooN / Miki Ootani
2 Kono neko no koneko wa kuroneko / Mai Yoshida
3 Yukidaruma mark no santa caluse / Mizuho Yasuda
4 starry MooN / karaoke
5 Kono neko no koneko wa kuroneko / karaoke
6 Yukidaruma mark no santa caluse / karaoke

Lyrics by Miki Otani (M1), MNW (M2-3)
Produced by Soshi Hosoi

320kbps AAC (M4A) file format

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