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Release :  Feb/02/2016
Series :  Ikemen Last Days
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Doujin GameDigital Novel / Sumo Love Novel
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WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10 / MacOSX
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Event : Comic Market 89
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Koyomi of the Hakkeyoi HS sumo club is having a crisis of doubt. "Why is sumo so popular?" he wants to know. This world hides a much older story. "Enter the ring. So that you can know how the story ends." NGS Project's distinctive sumo Otome Game has many endings, but which last days are the true ones?

There are 4 characters but only 1 has a route you can play to the end
This digital release is mostly identical to the Comiket 89 disc version

10-15 hours of playtime
Approx 85 still images (incl. variations)
Approx 42 BGM songs (incl. arranges)

Official circle website

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RJ170679.zip / 492.13MB (516034477Byte)
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