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Release Jan/04/2016
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Relax to the NEW cozy, comforting sounds of onesan
giving you a hairstyle, shampoo, massage, ear cleaning, etc.
in your own home. Soothing ASMR.

Recorded with binaural mic and sound effects.
Headphones highly recommended.

01 Intro 1:53
02 Hairstyling 14:35
03 Hairwash 9:17
04 Scalp massage with warm and carbonated water 13:28
05 Scalp treatment 6:49
06 Face massage 9:56
07 Back and shoulder massage 19:06
08 Manicure, hand massage 10:43
09 Ear peachfuzz shave, ear massage, washing 17:48
10 Ear cleaning 32:11
11 Nao-san bonus service 18:00

Total length: approx 2 hours 30 minutes

CV: Shishamo http://www.voiceblog.jp/shishamo/
Support: Chizuru Aoi
Other (art, planning, sound related, etc.): Tomimi

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2 user reviews

Pick Up !At his price a steal.

Feb/05/2017  By BumBumTop : 6 Reviewer

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In my opinion the best release from Tomimi Retreat. There's just so many good things to say about this.

Our CV, Shishamo is just fantastic for this kind of work. She just nails it here.

Soundwise it's again, fantastic. You've got hair sounds, shampoo sounds, massage sounds... And it's not for a couple of minutes. This damn thing 120+ minutes.

And look at that price. There's no excuse not to get this gem if you're looking for a relaxing audio experience.

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Good Value for the Price

Aug/21/2016  By Jun

1 user(s) found this review helpful.

It's not bad, but I preferred the first one in the series, Relax at Home with your Personal ASMR Groomer, to this one, Relax at Home with your Personal ASMR Groomer +.

Overall, it's a lot of content for the price, so it is a pretty good value and would be worth trying out.

In particular, what I liked about it were the wind chimes, the water sounds, and the ear cleaning.

I disliked the scalp treatment (it sounded like I was being fried like an egg!).

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