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Release :  Sep/28/2015
Series :  Kantai Journal
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DoujinshiManga / Kant*i C*llection FanBook
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"Everyone's felt jealous of ships assigned to another base. Only at first, though!"

After a win at Kiska Island, fortune continues to favor the fleet in other waters.
The old aura of defeat at the naval base is gone, and Aoba is invigorated.
She mounts a newsletter with the theme of "new ideas from old lessons".
First gen fleet girls Inazuma and Akashi dish on their first event, though the admiral
himself has vetoed any coverage.

The fleet's way too unique, and the admiral is super eccentric. Welcome to the navy!

A KanC*lle doujinshi / 32 pages

This issue includes bonus manga "Kantai Journal 103.5" with Shoukaku and Kaga.

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