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Circle  :  N-Soft
Website :  http://blog.goo.ne.jp/stonestone_2010
Release :  Sep/17/2015
Last Modified :  Sep/15/2016 
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Forest City Ragl.
A sprawling forest lies in that land.
Some seek fortune, others seek fame.
All seek it in the labyrinth.
They risk their lives to get it.
And I will do so too...

Grid based first person RPG.

6 PT characters, dungeon crawling.

12 playable characters.

Warrior :A knight trusting in their body.
Crusader :A knight shielding others.
Fencer :A swordsman possessing strength and skill.
Chaser :A ranger who reads the path ahead.
Dark Knight :Those who have sworn themselves to darkness.
Enchanter :A knight wielding macigal powers.
Hunter :A nimble hunter.
Felpurr :Those without a care in the world.
Magician :A researcher of the magical arts.
Cleric :A priest healing the wounded.
Druid :One who mutters curses.
Mystic :An eccentric wizard.

Over 450 items
Over 120 different enemy types
Over 200 character skills

Old classic style game.

now version 1.032

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RE162858.zip / 114.42MB (119976794Byte)
This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.
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  • Sep/15/2016
    Addition of contents
  • Jul/20/2016
    Addition of contents
  • Feb/11/2016
    Addition of contents

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