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Series :  The Gateway to Magic Master 2
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The Gateway to Magic Master 2
-ANGEL BLESS- Vol.3 -Energy Stream-

Excelsia teaches you about the flow of energy in the world, and how to direct it.
"Energy stream" is the magic to control the flow from leylines, faults, power spots, etc.
which is a practice of humans across disciplines and millenia.

Tai chi, feng shui, reiki, meditation, mesmerism, all communications and even
things we don't notice, like the architecture of a corporate building or a shrine,
is about directing the energy in the world.

We do it naturally, but if you master the magic of "energy stream" you can benefit from it greatly.

This is the 2nd series of Gateway to Magic Master, your guide to better living through fantasy.

* Please note this is NOT a hypnosis product.
* Audio is NOT recorded or post-produced with binaural effects.
Please enjoy knowing this is a standard audio.

- Prologue and explanation
- Practical use
1. Auras
2. Auras and behavior
3. Catching the flow
4. Controlling the flow
5. Start and end points
6. Energy roads
7. Energy transfer
8. Retrieving used energy
9. Energy network application

Full version (MP3, 320 kbps)
Length: 56:04 min/sec (+2:19 bonus Annie promo)
Bonus supplementary information PDF

Voice actress: Yufu Hanamigawa (+Ai Azuma)

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