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Website :  http://novect.net
Release :  Sep/09/2015
Last Modified :  Oct/02/2015 
Series :  The House in Fatamorgana
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WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10
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Event : Comic Market 88
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"Ours, is not a need for the vast world-----"

At long last, new episodic side stories to "The House in Fata Morgana"!
Once overflowing with a sense of justice, a young man's hands are bloodied. Find out how.
What is the happy memory of the young holy woman who learns human tenderness......?
Peruse the true history that the protagonist of the main adventure never got to see!

* This product is standalone and does not require other content to play.


-Another Episodes- includes
"After the Happy Ending", an afterstory to the main adventure;
"Ascent Delhi", a story with the long-ago friend of Michelle;
and short collection "Unrelated, Unlit, Mere Tales of Woe"

Once again, the world of Fata Morgana is resurrected.

Special site: http://novect.net/FD/index.html
New artworks: 13 base (+ 9 variants)
New pose artworks: 9 characters
New music: 16 tracks
Text volume: 1.2MB

* Preview *

* Main theme *

* Main theme II *

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RJ161810.zip / 420.78MB (441221388Byte)
Pentium class or greater
1GB or greater
1GB or greater
800x600 display or greater
9 or greater
Necessary Tools
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Upgrade Information

  • Oct/02/2015
    Correction: typosCorrection: bugs/defects

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