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Release :  Sep/03/2015
Last Modified :  Jan/24/2016 
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WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
64bit OS only
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Event : Comic Market 88
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Yohjo Simulator:
A complete unrealistic sim.

You are a 3rd grade Japanese girl.
Her name is Yagi.

Get it? ;)

No missions. Make your own fun. Be a yohjo.

Things to do in Yohjo Simulator:
- Smash your face into things to knock them around, like girls do.
- Move around with legs, like girls do.
- Wall-jump into unexpected, untested areas of the map that the developer never intended, like girls do.

* Developer comments
I was thinking of buying bricks and a hula hoop (the hula hoop was surprisingly expensive) but I bought some bloomers and did a girl simulator instead. Better, yeah?

* Updates may be applied suddenly
Please redownload periodically, at your convenience.

* Other notices and disclaimers
- This is a sandbox-y sim with the physics turned up to "silly". Please play it with a forgiving heart.
- Compatible with 64-bit Windows operating systems only.
- Yohjo Simulator uses the Unreal Engine, Copyright 1998-2015, a trademark of Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.

Operational Requirements

Work Number
File / Size
RJ161699.zip / 669.52MB (702042368Byte)
Quadc Core Intel or AMD, 2.5GHz or greater
8GB or greater
5GB or greater free space
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470, AMD Radeon 6870HD series or greater
Compatible with 64-bit Windows operating systems only
Version updates are planned for this product.
Please be aware that DLsite does not guarantee
version updates or the contents thereof.
Necessary Tools
To view this work, you may need to install the Japanese language pack on your PC. For more details, please refer to [ How can I install the Japanese language pack? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Upgrade Information

  • Jan/24/2016
    Addition of contents

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