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Release :  Jul/06/2015
Series :  A Voice to Relax Before Bed
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"Hmm? You want me lay your head on my lap?
Dear me, you're still like a baby... Here you go..."

Hello everyone, I'm Sayuki Uenishima from Ore-toku Voice Factory

Today's audio is to relax in bed with the usual themes of ear cleaning and calm sleep suitable for all ages.
The voice actress, Ruina Himeki, is soothing big sister Ayame, like a calm rainy day.

Get cozy and imagine your cheeks on her warm thighs.
Relax to the sound of her ear cleaning in surround sound, and sheep counting.

CV: Ruina Himeki
Illustration: AKI (ChromaticClip)
Other sound credits:
Shumino Sounds

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RJ157294.zip / 256.12MB (268561037Byte)
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