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Songs inspired by Hijikata and Okita, two historic icons from Kyoto's first special police force in the late 1800s.
Please note there is no actual or factual historical relation to this group.

* Makoto no Yume (Themed on Toshizou Hijikata, male vocals version) ... 3 min 25 sec
* Makoto no Yume (Themed on Toshizou Hijikata, female vocals version) ... 3 min 26 sec
* Sakurasake! (Themed on Souji Okita) ... 3 min 04 sec
* Makoto no Yume (Karaoke version) 3 min 25 sec
* Sakurasake! (Karaoke version) 3 min 04 sec
Plus illustration, lyric sheet

Written, produced and performed by Aya Kuchitani (female vocals)
Composed and mixed by Yami (Makoto no Yume), Shiku (Sakurasake!)
Performed by Ishi (male vocals)
Illustration by Yukikura

Lyrics have a general boys love flavor:

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