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Release :  Jun/13/2015
Series :  FREEJIA
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WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows8.1 / Windows10
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Settings data collection from the original fantasy RPG series FREEJIA.
See everything laid out in developer style: skills, weapons, accessories, spells, etc.
All items and battle missions are collated into easily viewable data.

This is a GUIDE to FREEJIA IV -The End of Baptsima-, as both a walkthrough and collector's item.
Use it to enjoy all the nooks and corners of this game.
* All data is HTML format.

Also includes special content:
- Secret command: easy mode (choose easy mode from menu)
- Password to unlock character Tribian (appears in party in a secret dungeon) password
- Full versions of OP and ED songs
- Outtake voice acting (playing around, bad takes, etc.)
- Rough sketches (55 making of items)
- Bonus illustrations (18 total)
- Unused ending scenario (script only)

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