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Website :  http://www.iosysos.com/
Release :  Jun/09/2015
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ARM made a completely original album composed-from-scratch!!

Known for prolific contributions to other anime and games,
ARM drops 12 original tracks from out of the blue!

A first-time collaboration with Eiko Shimamiya and myriad other guests


01. GO MY WAY-WAY feat. Momiji Yamamoto (MONOTONE/IOSYS)

02. Blessed Mary of Valour feat. Eiko Shimamiya

03. ARM's Dokkoi Soran Bushi feat. Nanahira (Confetto)

04. Find a Day feat. Aikapin (Notebook Records)

05. Witchcraft ARM vs RoughSketch (Notebook Records)

06. Shinchoku WARS feat. Beat Mario (COOL&CREATE)

07. Mero Mero Rin Rin Goro Goro Nyan Nayn Bapu Bapu Be-be-be-be-bon feat. miko (Alternative Ending)

08. JK Houkai Kyousen feat. IOSYS jk GIRLS

09. Turntable Polka ARM

10. Remi Dance (>_<) feat. Koko (Innocent Key)

11. Broken Love feat Asana (IOSYS)

12. Koiiro Merry Go Round feat Chiyoko (IOSYS)

Cover illustration
Akaringo (az+play)

Aiko Onuma (IOSYS)

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