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Release May/07/2015
Last Modified Dec/17/2017 
Series Material Collection
Age Ratings
Work Format
SoftwareImage Material / Material Collection
File Format
PNG / psd


1036 icons in total (404 unique icons + 632 color variations + pattern defference icons)!

* 2015 October Halloween pack add.
* 2015 November Christmas pack add.
* 2017 December Alchemy & Treasure pack add.

*Please read "*Notes on psd files." before purchase.

* File formats
PNG files 256x256 pixels size.
PSD files 512x512 ~ 1024x1024 pixels size.
Background: transparent

*Notes on psd files
psd files were exported from Paint Tool SAI.
https://www.systemax.jp/ja/sai/ Due to the difference of specification of each software, these may not open properly in other software .
Please note that if you use other software are not supported.

* About samples
Sample images are mock games using the icons.
You are purchasing the icons only.
All sample icon images are provided in the trial version.

* Terms of use / FAQ
1. All ownership and copyright of the icon collections remains the property of Ruruga.

2. Can I repost these resources?

3. Are these resources allowed in commercial games?

4. Can I edit these resources?

5. Can I distribute these edited resources?

6.Is credit required? How do I credit?

Operational Requirements

Work Number
File / Size
RE154599.part1.exe / 700MB
RE154599.part2.rar / 700MB
RE154599.part3.rar / 43.72MB
This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.

Upgrade Information

  • Dec/17/2017
    Addition of contents
    Alchemy & Treasure pack add.
    12 + 48 variations.
  • Nov/15/2015
    Addition of contents
  • Oct/13/2015
    Addition of contents

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2 user reviews

Pick Up !Good Graphics Quality

Oct/26/2017  By jenova3new

0 user(s) found this review helpful.

The color looks cheerfull, i really like it, it's makes you remember about Atelier Series and another Anime Style Games, good for game project

the artist seems to be an rpg tsukuru user in the past, and i really like his graphic style, as this is my first buy, i look forward to use this asset on my game, with reasonably cheap price, this usage license is really wotrh it, i hope no one will pirate this asset in the future

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Pick Up !Very well done!

Jan/14/2016  By ChiiTop : 9 Reviewer

0 user(s) found this review helpful.

This pack reminds me a lot of the GUST games, Atelier or Mana Khemia Series. Which is perfect because it is pretty much the type of game I always wanted to make!

To put it in perspective there's at least 242 armors, usually with 3-4 variants each. 107 weapons with 2-4 variants each. There's at least 491 'materials' to enable 'crafting' in your game. On top of that, there's at least 74 UI-related icons from status effects, buffs, debuffs and even elements!

PSDs are also included for a quick recoloring or edit to retrofit to your games.

Overall, it's amazing and I recommend purchasing it. The price is definitely worth it.

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