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Circle  :  Mystiska Lab
Website :  http://mystiska-lab.jimdo.com/
Release :  May/13/2015
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A rather bad-mouthed girl who hails from another realm, Aeycia,
imparts episodic lectures and anecdotes, but for whose benefit?
Like insults couched in praise, she sermonizes with barbed words,
jabbing you as much for her own entertainment.

What cruel lesson does she impart today?

#01 - Missing The Forest For The Trees

Prologue + 4 episodes + Epilogue
Total length: 20:34 min/sec
MP3 320kbps (demo is 192kbps)

Recommended for those who like
- fantasy
- dominant/cruel woman
- the moe gap
- masochists who get pleasure from cruel talk
- the voice of a pretty onesan

Please note that this audio uses the "tsundere" tag but it's all "tsun" and no "dere".

Voice: Otoha

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RJ154459.zip / 38.77MB (40655156Byte)
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