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Circle  :  Six Senses
Website :  http://kanase.heavy.jp/SixSenses/
Release :  Apr/27/2015
Last Modified :  Jul/17/2016 
Series :  Mimikaki Musume
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MimiMuse 2 -The Official Mimikaki Musume 2-
Atmospheric BGM-Style Ear Cleaning Collection

* This is a great repository of continuous ear cleaning by 16 "maid" voice actresses *

Recommended to fans of ASMR and relaxing audio therapy.
Great for sleepless nights or as mellow background "music" for your own projects.
Recorded normally and mastered with software to create a surround sound atmosphere.

01. Prologue (1:02)
02. Main track (1:08:48)
03. Epilogue (0:12)

Bonus separate maid tracks for left ear or right ear (if you purchase and download for PC)
MP3 format 44.1kHz, 320kbps, 16 bit, stereo
APK format for Android devices included!

Check out the free trial for an idea of quality and style.

Voices (CVs):

Sakura Kohinata http://flower2garden.web.fc2.com/
Yuiri http://www.moe-v.net/voix_detail.php?voix_id=3025
Momoka Yuzuki http://momostudio.web.fc2.com/
Riyu Izumi http://candy.lolipop.jp/
Koiki http://tainomans.wix.com/koikidayo
Ao Kuranami http://izon.konjiki.jp/
Yuki Manaka http://manakayuki.blog.fc2.com/
Hinano Itsuki http://itsukihinano.seesaa.net/
Yua Senouchi http://xxyua39.web.fc2.com/
Hiro Sakurase http://hirosakura.web.fc2.com/
Tomoyo Asakura http://forspring.web.fc2.com/
Choko http://chokottodake.wix.com/choko
Rizu http://adult.moe-v.net/voix_detail.php?voix_id=3123
Shishamo http://www.voiceblog.jp/shishamo/
Run Hanami http://ameblo.jp/runrunhanami/

Compiled and edited by CV: Kanase http://kanase.x.fc2.com/
Illustrated by Nekomaru http://mochapon.net/

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  • Jul/17/2016
    Correction: bugs/defects
  • Oct/17/2015
    Correction: bugs/defects

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