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Release :  Mar/22/2015
Series :  Sabre of the Four Seasons
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Doujin GameAction / Swordplay Game
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WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows8.1
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Event : Comic Market 87
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myohu-kai presents ...
The 2nd intense clash-of-swords indie game!!
Part one!

The essence of swordplay captured in the merest of buttons...
An enthralling shonen-manga-style epic set in the heart of Japan...
Battles in which the soul itself is at risk, feat. myriad characters...
Kanna Zekkei... a game no one has ever seen.

Progress the story through dialogue,
Growing the protagonist Zekki, pitting oneself in battles
That take him deep into the story seas of swordplay!

This. Is. Japanese. Doujin. Gaming!!!

In an alternate history of Japan, in the age
when steel could take a life without consequence,
Shikinseki of the Edo Shogun was a childhood friend
to the protagonist, Zekki, who was traveling the
country to save his woman. Traveling... and growing...
in a land ravaged by war, for the sake of the beloved.

Official HP (demo available):

* Save data can be transferred to the full game.

Operational Requirements

Work Number
File / Size
RJ151862.part1.exe / 700MB (734003200Byte)
RJ151862.part2.rar / 700MB (734003200Byte)
RJ151862.part3.rar / 286.83MB (300762375Byte)
1.6GHz or greater
4GB or greater
2.0GB or greater
256MB or greater
Not utilized
Gamepad compatible

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