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Circle  :  MGnet
Website :  http://circle-mgnet.sub.jp/
Release :  Jan/25/2015
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WindowsVista / Windows7
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Rei Arcdine was demoted to "pioneer" and sent to a remote outpost of a reclaimed continent.

Having neither fight nor magic skills, now apparently abandoned to history, Rei bemoaned his plight.

That's when he met a young lady, Emilia Heartlet, who knew all about Rei:

she was the granddaughter of his mentor, the very one who'd sent him here.

Their adventure begins!

Rei needs to manage resources and develop the outpost into a decent town...
is that possible in this barren wasteland of bumpaddle nowhere?

MGNet presents an outpost management sim game

Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

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RJ148732.zip / 15.38MB (16131096Byte)
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