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Circle  :  tukikamituru
Release :  Jan/16/2015
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Doujin GameAdventure / A Very Unpolished ADV That Bludgeons You With Feels
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WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
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A demonlord spreads panic with his tyrannical activities.
The world's last hope is to summon a hero from another realm...

tukikamituru is a gamer's gamer who has played over 1,230 "kusoge"
created in 48 hours or less. His new year declaration: to unleash his own on the world!
This is it! Bear witness to Sloppy Fantasy, a hastily crafted, VERY unpolished
visual novel that bludgeons you with feels!

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RJ147946.zip / 42.9MB (44987123Byte)
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