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Circle  :  SakuragakuenProject
Website :  http://www.sakutyuu.com/
Release :  Jan/13/2015
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Event : Comic Market 87
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SakurgakuenProject's 1st voice drama!

The story is about an idol club that wants to raise their profile in 2015.

The girls decide to make a promotional video. Club leader Hikari Yoshida interviews them one by one.

Will the final video shoot go smoothly?

Preview trailer:

Cast (voices):
Hiro Sakura
Kanako Kukita
Asuka Suzuki
Naru Sakurai
Yuuko Machida
Miho Ihori
Risa Yamauchi
Morihisa Hina
Motohide Sumomo

34 min (7 tracks)
MP3 format

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RJ147490.zip / 69.7MB (73084299Byte)

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