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Circle  :  Dot*Half
Website :  http://www.tukinomiya.halfmoon.jp/
Release :  Dec/10/2014
Series :  Kanojo's Ear Cleaning Series
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Life with your girlfriend-turned-roommate is... well.
She loves you sooo much.

Ear cleaning and ear massage audio. Treat yourself to a kind of
maybe little bit too annoyingly romantic life!

01 Lover's sexish something...? 23:38 (ear cleaning, ear massage)

02 A girl's doubt 5:58 (back patting, massage)

03 The end of the day 9:12 (sleeping sound)

Planned and presented by Dot*Half
Illustration by Kuurai
Logo and editing assistnace by Suki Inu
Voice and effects by Rei Tsukimiya

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RJ145964.zip / 54.6MB (57253565Byte)

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