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Circle  :  WhiteShamu
Release :  Aug/29/2014
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Event : Comic Market 86
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White Shamu presents a jam-packed audio drama
with all kinds of parodies and tributes to Mad*ka Mag*ca,
K*ll la K*ll and Att*ck on T*tan!

The girls are beautiful, cute and a little bit yuri which of course you can enjoy for its own sake!
Characters from the latest hit anime shows come to life as friends with a shared love of anime culture.

Length: 1 hour 30 min

Akane (CV: Inori Amaboshi)
Midori (CV: Shuuya)
Chloe (CV: Miya Asagami)
Shirayuki (CV: Ryuuka Shou)
Murasaki (CV: Yui Misuzu)

Four high school girls who love 2D create an otaku club called Nijiken.
Enjoy their nerdy discussions of anime minutae in slice-of-life style.

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