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Release Aug/20/2014
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Come relax at a remote mountain inn far away from people...

Nothing but us and the sounds of the river that flows, frogs that call, rain that falls.
We are alone together. We light sparklers at dusk. In our room, I clean your ears and stroke your head.
Comfort and titillate you when you wake up from a bad dream.
Forget about daily life. Be here with me at our place in the mountains.

01 Suzuran (beginning) 3:34
02 Tsubomi (sparklers) 6:27
03 Botan (ear cleaning) 12:38
04 Matsuba (in the rain) 3:00
05 Yanagi (frisky/ear licking) 9:18
06 Chirigiku (farewell) 1:35

Total length: about 36 minutes

Bonus 13 minutes of various ambient sounds
Bonus 7:37 of adlibbing (whisper and ear cleaning)

* Please follow the link in the download for bonus content

CV: Ayaka Igasaki (Shirokuma no Yome)


This product offers bonus content not hosted by DLsite.
Please be aware that DLsite does not guarantee
bonus content or the contents thereof.

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2 user reviews

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Healing(2) Ear Cleaning(2)
Getting away from it all

Dec/17/2017  By reifiTop 50 Reviewer

1 user(s) found this review helpful.

Keywords the reviewer selected :

The best point of this work is the combination of ambient sounds and voice. Overall it gives a really nice atmosphere of remoteness and relaxation.

The trial download is representative so use that to see if it's your kind of thing. Sadly the rain section is much shorter than I would have liked.

Make sure to get the extras too as they're up to the same high standard. Good value as usual from this circle.

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Pick Up !Relaxing in the mountains

Sep/30/2015  By Raui

0 user(s) found this review helpful.

Keywords the reviewer selected :

I really enjoyed the ambient sounds, especially in combination with the ear cleaning. The speaker's voice is nice and easy to listen to.

It comes with a separate folder with just ambient sounds and another one with alternate versions of most of the tracks which is a nice bonus.

Overall I find it to be priced well so it wasn't a hard decision for me to make. The content is very good so I think it's well worth it. A nice auditory break from things.

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