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Release Jun/08/2014
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The 4th full album from RoughSketch: gaba trance, dance & hardcore techno sound.

Featuring special guest Endymion, all the way from Holland! and the participation of
Japan's bleeding edge hardcore scene artists, t+pazolite, Massive New Krew and 3dNOW.


01.RoughSketch // Breaking Introduction
Produced by RoughSketch

02.RoughSketch feat. Rakutensai // Breaking the Rules
Produced by RoughSketch
Lyrics and Vocal by Rakutensai

03.RoughSketch // Neo Criminals
Produced by RoughSketch

04.RoughSketch feat.Aikapin // Face
Produced by RoughSketch
Lyrics and Vocal by Aikapin
Guitar by minami

05.RoughSketch // No More Loop (Endymion Remix)
Produced by RoughSketch
Remixed by Endymion
Original track from "Doppelganger Genocide!!!!! (NBCD007)"

06.RoughSketch // Twitter Addiction
Produced by RoughSketch

07.RoughSketch feat.DD"Nakata"Metal // Ride the Blast... We Rule!!
Produced by RoughSketch
Lyrics and Vocal by DD "Nakata" Metal

08.RoughSketch // Distorted Children (3dNOW Remix)
Produced by RoughSketch
Remixed by 3dNOW
Original track from "DISTORTED CHILDREN (NBCD005)"

09.RoughSketch // Jingi
Produced by RoughSketch

10.RoughSketch feat.QUIL // Jajajajajajajaja!!!!!!!!
Produced and Voice by RoughSketch, QUIL

11.t+pazolite // Fuck the Roughsketch
Produced by t+pazolite, RoughSketch

12.RoughSketch vs teranoid // Neodelic (Massive New Krew Remix)
Produced by RoughSketch
Remixed by Massive New Krew
Original track from "DISTORTED CHILDREN (NBCD005)"

13.RoughSketch feat.Aikapin // Dollz
Produced and Lyrics by RoughSketch
Vocal by Aikapin

14.RoughSketch // Re:generation
Produced by RoughSketch


Notebook Records

Guest Creator
t+pazolite (HARDCORE Tano*C/C.H.S.)
Massive New Krew (MASSIVE CIRCLEZ)
3dNOW (Kusemono Records)
DD "Nakata" METAL
minami (IOSYS)

Illustration by
Kimiko Nakahara

Package Design
Aiko Onuma (IOSYS)

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