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Release :  Apr/19/2014
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This item is for smartphones only.Please take note that you cannot view the item on your PC.


Ryosan Kanojo + (lit., "Mass Production Girlfriend +") is a bishoujo love sim.

Get cozy with Mayumi Amagasaki and her friends Nene-chan and moe Ririka-chan.
Change clothes and raise "delusion" levels to produce more and better cute android girls.
There are 30 girls, plenty of unlockable scenarios, and multiple endings.
Can you get them all? Find your ideal combo of looks and personality in
a "factory line" of girlfriends.

There's lots of moe bait out there, but few truly moe apps like this.
Compatible with Android devices.
Use Android to make androids! ;)

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RJ132664.zip / 15.05MB (15786090Byte)
Adobe AIR required

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