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Release Apr/16/2014
Series Pose Art Materials
Age Ratings
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File Format
 / PSD
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Triple pack of character pose artwork for free use in your creative works.
No restrictions.

Layered PSD files are included for convenient editing.


Hairstyles front x 7, back x 7
Outfits x 8 types (blazer, sailor uniform, etc.)
Eyes x 18 types
Facial expressions x 34 types

Hairstyles front x 8, back x 8
Outfits x 14 types (blazer, sailor uniform, etc.)
Eyes x 18 types
Facial expressions x 75 types

Hairstyles front x 8, back x 9
Outfits x 23 types (blazer, sailor uniform, etc.)
Eyes x 19 types
Facial expressions x 45 types


This product contains the following titles:
Pose Art Materials No.1 (RE108998)
Pose Art Materials No.2 (RE115299)
Pose Art Materials No.3 (RE126069)

Version updates are planned for this product.
Please be aware that DLsite does not guarantee
version updates or the contents thereof.

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2 user reviews

Good characters

Mar/26/2018  By JPishDruashTop 50 Reviewer

0 user(s) found this review helpful.

The characters are easily customizable since the psd file include a lot of layers. The art quality is really nice and the poses are interesting. However, the eyes customization could improve since the layers don't modify them too much and the style remains almost the same. The amount of clothes could be better too. They look nice but they are quite simple and standard. Every character includes one psd file. The smaller character has a resolution of 800x1000 and the other girls have a resolution of 600x1000.

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Good value pose art bundle!

Feb/13/2018  By LaeliaTop : 1 Reviewer

1 user(s) found this review helpful.

I really love bundle items as it's nice to save a little when buying multiple parts of a set.

This pose art is cute and versatile :3 You can use the PSD files to edit the characters or there is an included software which acts like a clothes changing tool. Even though the tool is entirely in Japanese, I found it easy to use with no knowledge of the language because you can see what you're changing as you click on it :D

I would definitely recommend this if you want to make some cute characters :3

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