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Circle  :  Six Senses
Website :  http://kanase.heavy.jp/SixSenses/
Release :  Mar/11/2014
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MimiMuse -The Official Mimikaki Musume-
Atmospheric BGM-Style Ear Cleaning Collection

* This is a great repository of continuous ear cleaning by 17 voice actresses *

Recommended to fans of ASMR and relaxing audio therapy.
If you just can't get enough mimikaki this is a a treasure trove.
Normal, binaural and separated channel versions.

01. MimiMusu Left and Right alternating ver (50:09)
02. MimiMusu Right only ver (50:09)
03. MimiMusu Left only ver (50:09)
04. MimiMusu Non-binaural ver (50:09)

MP3 format 44.1kHz, 256kbps, 16 bit, stereo
APK format for Android devices included!

Check out the free trial for an idea of quality and style.

Voices (CVs):

Aco Byakuya http://for.egoism.jp/aco/
Hinano Itsuki http://itsukihinano.seesaa.net/
Ruse Kazunari http://ruse3.kinugoshi.net/
Run Hanami http://ameblo.jp/runrunhanami/
Gemiko Yamada http://www.voiceblog.jp/geministar/
Yui Mizushiro http://www.voiceblog.jp/mizutiro/
Riyu Izumi http://candy.lolipop.jp/
Mizuha Sudou http://waterwave.uunyan.com/
Marimo Sakuraba http://cherrygarden.web.wox.cc/
Hinata Mio http://sakuramilk1103.blog.fc2.com/
Yua Nanami http://briongloid.jp/
Mirio http://aromaberry711.web.fc2.com/
Sakura Kohinata http://flower2garden.web.fc2.com/
Hiro Sakura http://hirosakura.web.fc2.com/
Usagi Mayo
Yuki Wata http://watayukivoice.blog96.fc2.com/

Compiled and edited by CV: Kanase http://kanase.x.fc2.com/
Illustrated by Midori no Shinzo (Green Heart) http://midorishinzo.blog136.fc2.com/

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