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Circle  :  S.R.L
Website :  http://was.srl-net.jp/
Release :  May/22/2015
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Doujin GameAdventure / Dystopian ADV
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WindowsVista / Windows7
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Event : Comic Market 86
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Tadayoshi awoke from a butterfly dream with a feeling of unease.
He realized the room was not his own. A body lay in room.

It was his own funeral.

With no home to return to, Tadayoshi took shelter in the slums
with a nun named Rosary, met the scandalous gambler Lynn,
and was pursued by his once-fiancee, the albino Neena.

Then, there was the mysterious merchant
who came in and out of his home in the name of "learning more".
It was a strange and new life for Tadayoshi, who
after losing it all, began to see the color of the world again.


WAS ~The Hourglass of Lepidoptera~ Rchronicle:
A Dystopian Human Drama Visual Novel
3 endings / 30+ base event CGs / 500kb story

Rina Satou
Sayaka Oohara
Rie Murakawa
* Characters are voiced in event scenes only
* Voice is not included in the trial version

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