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Release :  Jan/13/2014
Last Modified :  Jun/24/2016 
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WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / MacOSX
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Event : Comic Market 85
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:: Happy New Year ::
::: A.D. 2236 Jan 1 :::

The year gets off to an odd start for Yotsuba and personal A.I. Secretary System (PASS) named "Masco".

A far-future kawaii science fiction ADV story.

Compatible with Windows / Mac OSX / Linux

Theme song "Juliet" by Prhyzmica ( http://prhyzmica.com )

Copyright 2013 Chloro ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ( http://chloro2236.blog.fc2.com )

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RJ127668.zip / 192.02MB (201352459Byte)
Adobe AIR Runtime
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  • Jun/24/2016
    Correction: bugs/defects

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